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  • Discover the ROKTAGON
    Indoor and outdoor configurable bouldering structures

Climbing training at home can often be difficult. Traditionally, home training options tended to be fingerboards or, if you are very lucky, a simple flat-panel climbing wall. We wanted to bring a new dimension to bouldering training and in 2011 started to think about about how we could recreate outdoor bouldering environments indoors. Versatility was key, we understood that all spaces are different, so too are climbers, thus our creation needed to be easily configurable to suit the layout of its eventual home as well as the requirements of its user.

The culmination of years of hard work and development, paper models and prototypes eventually paid off and the ROKTAGONreg was born, taking pride of place in ROKT Climbing Gym's newly developed Penthouse Bouldering Suite:

The development of the ROKTAGON doesn't stop there, we see it as a creative project that will continue to be developed into the future. Our desire to create new and challenging training environments will never lessen. The world of indoor climbing and outdoor artificial climbing is growing at a tremendous rate and we would like to see ourselves as pioneers of the modern climbing wall.

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    The ROKTAGON design possibilities are endless.Why not configure your own?

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